Bhopal Student Gang-Raped For 3 Hours, Cops First Call It ‘Filmy Case’

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Bhopal gang-rape: The crime took place near the Habibganj railway station, a busy area in the heart of Bhopal. The 19-year-old civil services aspirant kept kicking, screaming and fighting her attackers who, finally, hit her with a stone.

A 19-year-old college student returning home from coaching classes in Bhopal was tied up and gang-raped on Tuesday by four men who assaulted her repeatedly for three hours under a bridge in the busiest part of the city, allegedly taking tea and gutka (tobacco) breaks in between. The police have been accused of sitting on the woman’s complaint for hours and even keeping the horrifying crime under wraps because it took place on a day the state government marked the founding of Madhya Pradesh.

The police officer whom the woman and her parents went to first allegedly accused her of making up a “filmy” story. Sub-inspector RN Tekam has been suspended, said Dharmendra Singh, a senior police officer, admitting that a complaint was filed 11 hours after the gang-rape.

Amid spiraling shock and protests, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan met with senior officials to discuss action.

The woman was assaulted near the city’s Habibganj Railway station and just 40 metres from a railway police post. She usually took a train from the station to her hometown, about an hour away, after her classes for civil service exam coaching.

That evening, the police say, she decided to take a shorter route when around 7 pm, she was grabbed by one of the accused, Golu Bihari, who is out in bail in the murder of his daughter. Golu and his brother-in-law Amar Bhuntu were drinking when they attacked the woman and dragged her towards a deserted culvert.

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The woman kept fighting her attackers, kicking and screaming.

Furious, the men hit her with a stone, tied her up and raped her. After sometime, the woman says in her complaint, Golu Bihari left to get cigarettes and tobacco, leaving Amar with her.

The woman, according to her complaint, asked for something to wear as her clothes were torn. Golu Bihari allegedly went and got clothes – and two more men.

Till 10 pm, the four men took turns to rape the woman.

When she was finally allowed to dress and leave, they took away her earrings, watch and phone.

The woman walked to a railway police post at the Habibganj station and called her parents – both in the security forces. The next morning, her father took her to a police station, and was redirected to two more.

Returning from the Habibganj police station with her parents, the woman spotted two of her attackers around 500 metres from where she was raped. The family chased the two, Golu and Amar, and handed them over to the police.

Embarrassed, the police arrested the four rapists and are inquiring into the conduct of their own men.


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