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How To Make Time For Your Sex Life If You Have A 9 To 9 Job

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Your 9 to 9 job shouldn’t dictate your time with the person you love. Take note, because we are going to tell you how you could make time for love and sex even if you’re super busy.

So you’re a busy person. Good for you. But is it as good for your relationship? You might not have thought of it, but there are more ways than one in which you can neglect your partner and make them feel less than wanted. Not having sex regularly is definitely one of those ways.

Now you may be tired, thanks to that 9 to 9 job – and we understand that you’ve got to work hard – but making time for sex is as good for you as it is for your relationship, trust us!

So here’s how can make time to have sex and cosy up with your partner, even if you have the busiest life and most hectic schedule.

1. Switch Off That Television

Seriously! How many times have you come home, plonked yourself on the couch and watched television instead of talking to your partner and noticing them lying right next to you? Many times. And how many out of these times could you have actually had sex? Many times. We get that sometimes you’re just tired and want to unwind by staying quiet and just watching some TV. But there are other times that you could just be spending that time with your partner. So use your TV time better and your sex life will definitely improve too.

2. Book Yourself A Hotel Room Once A Month

If not every month, then every second month. In order for your sex life to flourish, it’s extremely important for you to spend some quality time with each other. If you don’t spend enough time having a good time and relaxing together, you’ll find it hard to also stay as attracted to each other as you might have been in the beginning. So take out the time and get away. Just the two of you.

3. Get Off Your Phone

Same concept as the television. Technology really has taken over, hasn’t it? And here, we don’t mean it in a good way. Get off your phone and concentrate on your partner. All those pictures on Instagram won’t make you half as happy as actually having some great sex with your lover. Take our word on that.

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4. Talk About Sex

The more you vocalise what you want, the more the chances that you’ll actually get it. Just thinking about wanting to have sex, but never letting your partner know that you desire them and want to make love, will get you nowhere. Instead, talk about sex! Through naughty text messages or just by outright saying it. This way the anticipation that you build will ensure that you make time for sex!

5. Schedule A Date Night

Once a week. Even once a month if you’re too busy. But this is important. Regularly scheduling a date night – without phones, televisions, kids, friends and family – is very important. You need to spend time with each other in a romantic setting. So at least once a month, go out for a nice dinner, maybe drink some nice wine and then follow it up with some sexy time!


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