Removing Makeup Is Very Important For Clear Skin – Here’s How To Do It

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Before you hit the sack, make sure you do this.

After a long night spent partying it up, what’s the first thing on your mind when you return home? Falling straight into bed, of course. One of the last things however, is removing your makeup thoroughly, am I right? Because it just feels like too much effort to get rid of your makeup, especially on detailed areas like lips and lash lines.

Well it really shouldn’t be. No matter how tired you are or how late it gets, never skip makeup removal. Unless you want to wake up to grimy skin, surprise pimples and red eyes, of course. So whether your skin is dry, oily or combination, here’s how to remove the makeup from your eyes, lips and face easily.

If your skin type is combination or oily, follow these steps –

Step 1 – Soak a clean cotton pad with a dual phase makeup remover that has two layers consisting of oil and water. This is perfect for oily and combination skin because the dual phased remover will get rid of makeup without drying the skin out.

Step 2 – Gently wipe off makeup from your cheeks, forehead and chin with the cotton pad. Then use it to remove more pigmented makeup on your eyes and lips.

Step 3 – Rinse your face with miceller water or cold water for a final cleanse.

If you have dry skin, here’s how to remove your makeup –

Step 1 – Soak a clean cotton pad with a facial cleansing oil. Even natural oils like castor, coconut or olive oil do the trick.

Step 2– Use the pad to wipe off all your makeup; first on the base, then on your eyes and lips. Let the film of oil sit on your skin for 2 minutes.

Step 3 – Splash your face with cold water, lather it with face wash and wash it off after a minute.

There you have it – clean skin just before you hit the sack!

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