10 Autopsy Reports Of Famous Celebrities That Revealed The Untold Story Of Their Death

Posted by - December 7, 2017

Recently, the autopsy report of Linkin Park’s frontman, Chester Bennington was released. The 41-year-old committed suicide by hanging himself at his residence in California on 20th July 2017. The report has revealed the untold truth about the death of the singer which many people did not expect. Just like Chester’s, there have been many deaths


Bollywood Stars Who Flaunted Their Love By Getting A Tattoo

Posted by - November 17, 2017

Getting inked is the latest style statement. Where some get their parent’s initials inked, some get God’s name tattooed. But the new trend in Bollywood is getting the name of the partner inked. Earlier, this was a renowned pattern among Hollywood actors, but now Bollywood actors are one step ahead in flaunting their love for

10 Super-Hot Better Halves of Marvel Cinematic Universe Actors

Posted by - October 31, 2017

When we see all these attractive actors and actresses playing their characters on the big screen, we are totally mesmerized by them and we get tricked into thinking that there is no one more charming than the ones we are seeing. But, this is totally false! If we consider the MCU actors, their spouses and

6 Shocking Sex Confessions Made By Celebs

Posted by - October 5, 2017

When the time comes, celebrities nail it. There is no surprise they have sex, but it’s weird when they give forthright statements about being saucier with their partners. It is quite shocking when they open up about their sex lives. So we bring you six shocking confession made by celebrities. 1) Russel Brand During an

7 Famous Hollywood Stars Who Lost All Their Money

Posted by - October 5, 2017

With fame comes Power and of course Money. When you are rich, everyone wants to be around you and when you are broke, people find reasons and ignore you. And this is something which is applicable to everyone, including Hollywood celebs. What do you think are the reasons why Celebs get broke? Bad investments, taxes

10 Most Awkward Confessions of The Celebs That Are Surprising AF

Posted by - September 27, 2017

Usually, we see stars trying to protect their personal lives from the microscope of media but there are certainly personal and awkward secrets of the most famous celebs, straight out of their mouth. John Mayer Calls Jessica Simpson “Sexual Napalm”   John Mayer and Jessica Simpsons are past lovers, their union lasted from 2006 to