10 Things Women Should Never Skip After Having Sex

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I’m damn sure about all couples gathering and garnering information about sex life, increasing sex stamina, duration, better orgasm and all such sex related tenets but I wonder how many of you know about things to do after having sex? However, this information and facts are more essential for women out there who are sexually active. A fulfilling foreplay, lubrication, communication and eye contact are few things to keep in mind before having intercourse but there are some important norms to follow soon after having your pleasurable sweaty work done. Many of us usually prefer to take some rest cuddling with our partners and some love to drink soon after sex hitting the mental rewind button playing everything in our head. But staying in your bed for a long time after having sex can be real harmful to your health especially for women. Here are few things women should never skip after having sex.

1. Use the toilet

8 out of 10 people need to pee soon after having sex. It is not necessary to hit the toilet if you don’t feel like urinating. Wait for few minutes, talk to your partner and flush it out. Because urinating after having sex reduces the chances of getting urinary tract infections that are common in women and the prime reason is bacteria getting pushed in your vagina while repeated insertion. Flushing out urine helps to get rid of bacteria from your urethra and even from the entire region of vagina.

2. Wash yourself thoroughly

It’s totally clear that sex is kind of a little messy job. The messes gets everywhere all over your body so it’s advisable to get a shower or a take a quick bath after having sex. Make sure you rinse yourself thoroughly with shower gels and soaps to keep bacterial and yeast infections at bay which is one of the most important thing women should never skip after having sex.

3. Clean your vagina

Not only your body needs cleansing but also your vagina. Your vagina is the hotspot where bacterial and yeast infections are quite easy to breakout. Wash your vagina with plain water until you get rid of slimy liquids down there. Never use soaps and shampoos down there as it can disturb your vagina’s pH scale. You can use specific vaginal liquid soaps available in the market that keeps your vagina pH normal.

4. Blow dry your vagina

After washing and rinsing your vagina you need to dry it out so that there’s no moisture to give rise to bacterial and yeast infections. You can use your blow dry but cold air in between your legs to dry out your vagina. Don’t use blow dry more than five minutes. You can also use napkins or tissue papers to pat them dry.

5. Keep your vagina moisture free

Keeping your vagina dry and moisture free is very important soon after having sex because moisture helps bacteria to grow fast and cause infections. Moisture can cause UTI and vaginal mycosis. Hence keeping vagina moisture free is another essential thing women should never skip after having sex.

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6. Drink lots of water

Keeping your body hydrated is never bad. However sex generates heat in your body which can make your stomach little upset. Having sex dehydrates your body and skin too making your skin and mouth feeling dry. Drinking water maintains body temperature evenly in your body keeping you hydrated and also gives you the urge to pee to get rid of the left over bacteria down there. Drinking water after sex also calms down your mind and helps you to relax.

7. Munch on some probiotics

I’m not quite sure about others, but according to my experience getting hunger pangs soon after sex is quite familiar to me. And according to World Association of Sexual Health feeling hungry after sex is quite common in both men and women. However, few people ignore it to hit the bed and some munch on cookies and potato chips to curb their hunger pangs. But according to WAS, munching on some foods rich in probiotics are quite beneficial. Foods such as kimchi, kombucha, yogurt can restore good bacteria to combat bacterial and yeast infections.

8. Wear cotton undies

One of the most important things women should never skip after having sex is wearing cotton undies because polyester and nylon fabric underwear can lock in moisture and are not breathable. They help bacterial infections to grow faster. Hence wearing cotton shorts or underwear is wise, else you can go commando.

9. Talk to your partner

Usually people after having sex get busy in their grooming procedures and being exhausted they try to get some deep sleep without even noticing what their partners are up to which is totally no..no! After having sex and finishing up your body care regime, hit the bed and cuddle with your partner to talk about something meaningful or how you loved it or different ways to make love and bla bla. Talking meaningful is absolutely not talking about your empty pantries and groceries. Communication between both partners is very important which makes them feel secured and loved.

10. Relax your body

The last thing you must do all after the entire action is letting your mind calm down and relaxing. Just cuddle up, feel the warmth of your partner’s presence and let your body relax and breathe deeply to get some sound sleep.

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