This woman used to be a glamor model, terrorists became involved in ISIS

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IS terror suspect Sally Jones, who has been identified as White Widow, has been killed in air strikes this year.

International Desk IS terrorist Sally Jones, who is known worldwide as White Widow, is in the discussion again. Sally’s case has been revealed in June this year in the air strikes. Sally was involved in modeling profession before joining the IS. Many years old photos have some of Sally’s small modeling career. When modeling failed, she did the ISBN.

barboli This woman used to be a glamor model, terrorists became involved in ISIS

– In the initial period of modeling careers, Sally was also a part of a band of girls. Apart from this, Sally got a chance in Law-Real’s AIDS on Lux.

-Although, after not reaching much height in modeling career, Sally got frustrated and embraced Islam through the influence of fundamentalist forces on the Internet.

-After this, Sally left her Husband and escaped with Syed Junaid Hossain of Birmingham. He also took his son along with him.

-According to Sally’s close friends, she was always a happy girl, but after being entrapped in the clutches of drugs, she went astray completely.

Jones killed in air strikes

Sally died in the US drone strikes in Iraq in June of that year. However, news of his death has been released this week.
– His 12-year-old son Jojo was also killed with Sally in Iraq’s Iraq-based headquarters. Like her mother, Jojo had also been seen killing innocent people in the video of IS.

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